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The VacuTrac  at
special introductory pricing!

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Repair the damage of circumcision - without surgery!

The VacuTrac
Penile Enhancement Device
The most sophisticated foreskin restoration product to date.

foreskin restoration product
[pictured: MegaTrac. The VacuTrac is
 identical in appearance,
except for materials.]


The VacuTrac is no longer manufactured due to a supply issue with the latex sheaths and other components of this product. Please consider purchase of the PUD device.

A quality product that gives you maximum advantage,The VacuTrac epitomizes the sophistication of technology. It's easy to use, easy to clean, comfortable, adjustable to position and weight, automatic or manual adjustments in attachment, and even enjoyable to wear. It works equally well on both circumcised and intact penises. 

Correct positioning of The VacuTrac on the penis accomplishes excellent results with foreskin restoration.

The VacuTrac provides its user with the most secure method of attachment to date. With common sense and good judgment, The VacuTrac is practical to use.

The VacuTrac, when correctly attached, puts a demand on the entire penis. If a man chooses to exercise some patience, he may even be able to achieve length without surgery!

What the VacuTrac System Includes:

foreskin restoration device

1. Three (often replaced) latex sheaths.  The latex sheath slips onto the penis, distributing the weight of your VacuTrac evenly and comfortably.

2. One polycarbonate cylinder eight inches long. Our polycarbonate cylinder ensures long life.

3. One multiple piece piston. The VacuTrac piston can be adjusted for the addition of increased weights.

4. One eye-hook (not pictured)

5. One carry case and written instructions.

 [pictured: MegaTrac. The VacuTrac is identical in appearance, except for materials.]

Sizes Available:

The VacuTrac is available in 4 sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 2-1/4" inside diameter. Other sizes to follow.

When choosing a cylinder size, most people choose a cylinder slightly smaller in diameter than their erect measurement (approximately 1/8" - 1/4" smaller). This allows you to expand and seal against the inner wall, bonding to the cylinder. When measurements are submitted in circumference, they will be converted to diameter.

The VacuTrac kit includes:

One 3-piece Delrin piston set
One polycarbonate cylinder
Three latex sheaths
One eye hook
One carry case
Written instructions
Instructions for how to use the VacuTrac

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Protected by one or more of the following patents US-5,344,396;US DES 375,358, US-5,836,864. These products are sold as novelty items only.

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