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Circumcision Exposed
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Restoration in Focus

An instructional video produced by NORM - U.K.

Discusses theory in simple, practical terms, including an explanation and demonstration of the terms POE and T-Tape.

The first step to take.

Demonstrates methods of restoration that require some development of the foreskin.

Less well-known methods. Some commercial devices discussed and demonstrated.

What and where to obtain restoration material.

This helpful video contains information on:
  • the benefits of foreskin restoration
  • how long the process may take
  • taping vs. non-taping methods
  • tape selection, construction and application
  • weighted vs. elastic traction methods
  • homemade devices
  • commercial devices
    (including the P.U.D.-Penis Uncircumcising Device, Pul-Man, Recap-EZ, , Start2Finish, Tug Ahoy)
  • special precautions
  • resources (books, web sites, support groups)

Color, 40 minutes. DVD (U.S.) format.* Copyright NORM-UK, December 2001

DVD includes helpful e-book: The Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow, PhD

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A portion of your purchase will be donated to these organizations working to protect the genital integrity of boys: NOCIRC, Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, and IntactAmerica.

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These popular foreskin restoration devices are widely used to repair circumcision damage:
Penis Uncircumcising Device http://www.foreskinrestoration.info/pud.htm
VacuTrac http://www.foreskinrestoration.info/vacutrac.htm
Foreballs http://www.foreskinrestoration.info/foreballs.htm
Without a doubt, the best book on the subject of foreskin restoration is:
The Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow http://www.norm.org/joy.html

Foreskin Restoration Support Groups are extremely helpful to men who are considering, or in the process of, foreskin restoration. They offer valuable ongoing technical assistance and moral support. Individual contacts and groups are located throughout the United States and in numerous countries throughout the world. The two major websites are listed below:

National Organization of Restoring Men (N.O.R.M.) http://www.norm.org

N.O.R.M. - United Kingdom http://www.norm-uk.org/

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